Kamus Istilah Akuntansi dan Syariah

Pencarian Istilah Akuntansi berdasarkan huruf (Alphabet) :
b :
an important consideration influencing production volumes and prices. Occurs at the point in the process where the demand for the company’s product exceeds the ability to produce the product.
Bank Perkreditan Rakyat Syariah
Break-even Point
the level of business operations at which revenues and expired costs are equal.
Budget Performance Report
a report comparing actual results with budget figures.
Tempat untuk memperjualbelikan sekuritas, valuta asing, atau barang yang dilakukan secara teratur
an organization in which basic resources inputs, such as materials and labor, are assembles and processed to provide goods or services outputs to customers.
Business Entity Concept
the concept thet accounting applies to individual economic units and that each unit is separate from the persons who supply its assets.
Business Stakeholder
a person or entity that has an interest in the economic performance of the business.
Business Transaction
the occurence of an economic event or a condition that must be recorded in the accounting records.
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